Friday, July 29, 2011

Make up Purse for Birthday Gift Card!

Here is the purse I made for a gal at work... It will be a makeup bag with a gift card in it...
I love the way it turned out!!!
I used the 12x24 cricut paper (black) and cut it out with my gypsy! I just love my little gypsy! Who have thought! Not me!


  1. I absolutely love the purse--- what a great gift! Beautiful !!!!

  2. Love this LO too ! I can only leave a comment as unanimous ! GRRRRRR It's Michelle F. Left u a unanimous comment on Lynne's page too.

  3. what a great gift..thanks you share it with us as i might need it when use Gift Card envelopes.

  4. These are so beautiful gift ....surely these are worthy ..but their out look such a so nice.
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