Friday, February 6, 2015

Tsunami Rose Designs- Tussy Mussy

I have to tell you when I saw this I had no idea what it meant.
Tussy Mussy.... 
I was very interested in all the pictures on pinterest...
So here is my Tussy Mussy with flowers...
The Tussy Mussy itself is made with kraft paper.
I printed off one of journal pages from Life Abloom on vellum.
I wrapped it around the cone.. 
I added pink pearls and two different laces.
I used the same journal paper printed on shiny paper.
I also printed three other journal pages.
I cut scalloped circles from one, and two other I used
to cut more flowers...

Flowers I cut with my cricut (AP) 
then glued with a hot glue gun.

These were done with shiny paper then inked...

These flowers were also done on shiny paper 
but are cut into scallops.. I fussed then up then
added a brad... they have about 8 layers.

Check out Daisy's store... 
I love love love digital paper and all of her's 
are gorgeous...

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