Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pretty Paper Flowers.... Tsunami Rose

I am in love.....
with these pretty paper flowers...
I used a few different pages from Charming Fragments..
The new journal from Tsunami Rose Designs..
If you have been at my blog before you know that 
I Absolutely LOVE all of Daisy's digital papers..
I cannot tell you how much I LOVE Charming Fragments..
It's just so rich and vintage and pretty.
I got to make paper flowers with it today.
(which are another new addiction!)
Beware there are LOTS of pictures...
I used four different die sets for the flowers..
Heartfelt Creations sunflower die (3 different flowers)
and three other dies that I had.  (Two are spellinders)
I had watched a few videos on how to do paper flowers 
and these flowers have all the techniques I learned.

These three flowers are all made with my sunflower die.
The one on the right I made like a dahlia.
The bottom one the tips are pinched.
The top on is a regular sunflower.
Three totally different looks..
from ONE die...

 This is one of the spellbinders dies.
I used my Susan's Garden Tools to make these.
A must have when you are making paper flowers..
This flower I sprayed with Perfect Pearls Mist.

I added pearls to the centre of the flowers.
This one is sprayed also with Perfect Pearls Mist.


This flower is a little different.
I worked from the inside out using a hot glue gun.
I made the center then added the layers.

These two are using flowers of the same die layered 
differently and also textured differently.

Two more... layered a few different pages and dies with these two.

Here they are all together...

I have added some tags that are in the journal..
I haven't put the flowers on yet as I can't decide 
which to use where....
but I will be adding pearls and lace...

It think this flower will be going on this tag..
Wouldn't it make a beautiful gift tag for a special present.

Here are a few more tags that I am going to use..
Aren't the colours gorgeous...

Thanks for stopping by.
Come again soon..

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