Thursday, April 7, 2011

Festive Blog Hop #7

Hi ladies... Here we are again at the Festive Blog Hop.... and I am still challenging you to make a Christmas card too......If you came here from you came from the right place. If you just happened onto my blog go to to start the blog hop from the beginning.... My card is from Cricut Cartridge Christmas Cards... I have decided to make this months cards from this cart.... It was very simple and that was necessary as I am still only using my left hand.

It is the Branch card. I cut the card at 5 1/2 and all the layers the same, only the first layer I cut at 5" so you could see the base. I used all CTMH paper....and of course my cuttlebug folders.....

I watched the videos mzbabygirl21 on youtube just to see if there was any tips for this cartridge.You have to check out her blog and check out her giveaway!

Here is the blog line up just in case you got lost.....


Chris Hurley-

Cheryl Lindsay-

Laura Davidson-

Amanda Marks-

Debbie Buckland-

Brenda Lee Burfeind-

Angela Bodas-


Becky Conley-


Debbie Feist-

Remember girls.... I challenge you to make at least one Christmas Card with me!!!!!!

Go to facebook and go to the Christmas Cards Challenge (Festive Blog Hop) and post your cards.. if you need an invite or whatever just post on my blog or on facebook..... Can't wait to see your cards.. Come on Annie pull out that Christmas Cards Cartridge!!! Michelle F. this means you too.... and a thank you to Christina K. who did a card with us two weeks ago and posted it on facebook!!! 1 less card to do!!

Now head over to Amanda's blog , Who are you calling Crafty? to see her fabulous project!


  1. Beautiful card! I love the bird :)

  2. I love this card and the colours are phenom ! Very Christmassey ! :) X fab

  3. Awesome card. Love the birdie

  4. Your card with the bird on it, is just beautiful. I am pretty sick today, so I am not up to making any cards. I wish I didn't feel so yucky. :) Hugs, Francine

  5. I love the textures, and BRAVO to you for a one-handed card :-) The snow on the branch is a cute addition!

  6. Thanks everyone!!! This card was super easy...
    Franchine hope you feel better quick and hopefully make a card....

  7. Your card is very beautiful:-)