Sunday, September 19, 2010

Going Back to Work

Ladies I am going back to work tomorrow! It is exactly one year to the day when I went off to have my surgury. It was a major surgury but no cancer was found so a big woohoo! I am designing some cards for gals that want to have a class... christmas and everyday cards...
My big project today is to cut 99% of my patterned paper down to 6x6 size as I mostly do cards and when I do scrapbook I can never find the right paper in my stash... I am slowly getting my scrapbook room in order.. I can hardly wait so I can scrap in there and be able to find everything!
I can't find my bone folder and I can't figure out where I might have put it!Do you do this?? Any ideas???? I still have about 6 boxes of scrapbooking stuff to unpack but I am almost positive its not in there!
No card today but a pic of our new kiddies in the apt... Phineas (cause Em loves Phineas and Ferb) and Kiara (from the Lion King)? arent' they adorable... black one is the boy and calico is the girl... have a great Sunday and a good week...


  1. First - AWWWWW! Those are the cutest little kittens EVER! Second - I jsut wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog on the 80's hop!! I really appreciate your comment! Third - I wanted to let you know that I was looking through your creations and I have to say you are amazing! So creative, I love your work!! Thanks for sharing your talent!! :)

  2. They look like little versions of my Shadow and Cami!!!! So glad you're feeling well, take care and great blog. Come check out mine, too!