Monday, April 25, 2011

Check this out... win an new Expression 2 from Cricut!!!!!
wow this is amazing!!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Festive Blog Hop #8

We are growing again!!! Yeah more blogs for the hop...

We would like for you to join us two Fridays a month to make your Christmas Cards... I have a challenge posted on facebook for the gals (and guys) who would like to show us your cards (Christmas Cards Challenge (Festive Blog Hop)) Come on gals lets get these cards done!!!!!

If you came here from Cheryl's blog you are in the right place. If you happened upon my blog and would like to start at the beginning at Terri's blog then here is where you go.

I made a card again from the Christmas Card Cricut Cartridge (can you say that fast five times!)

Sorry couldn't resist!( I am still doing easy cards as my right hand is still not very usable. I likely have nerve damage and it swells so much when I use it even a bit)

The Christmas tree card is the one I did.. It is very cute... but I have to say I had trouble with the sentiment so I just used a SU stamp.. I cut the card at 5.5 and the first layer at 5.25 so the layer would show.. I cut all other layers at 5 so the layers would show again.. it worked really well. I used all paper that was in my scrapbox (file folder), so I dont know exactly where it came from but I love the colours and the musical notes paper.. It is actually a wine colour so I hope it shows up like that in the picture.

From here you go to Who Are You Calling Crafty and visit the talented Amanda!

Don't forget if you make some Christmas cards with us visit us at the Christmas Card challenge facebook page.... and show us your cards!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Almost time for the Festive Blog Hop!!!

The Festive Blog Hop is coming up on Friday April 22 at 6am....
Check out all the great Christmas cards!!!!
Grab a coffee and join us for a hop then be inspired to make some Christmas cards of your own!!
Terri's blog is where you will start the hop!
Have fun then show us your own Christmas Cards on facebook.... christmas card challenge (festive blog hop)...
Hope to see you there!
Hugs... Laura

Friday, April 15, 2011

Challenge for Fab's Big Christmas Card Blog Challenge for April....

whew.. what a mouth full but a great challenge..... here is the challenge

you can make either one or four christmas cards using baubles and ribbon... you can add your cards to the link on the blog... Check it out!!!!

I made 4 cards using my baubles cuttlebug folder (actually think its from the Uk company but name is on the tip of my tongue) my MS branch punch (which my darling Em did for me cause its not possible to punch with left hand)(for me anyway) gems from my stash.. twilight paper from CTMH and some pink glitter paper from Micheals... ribbon is from CTMH also....

I also sanded both papers with sand paper so the baubles on the card would stand out..

Joy is cut with my cricut from gypsy wanderings I believe and stickled.. (I am wondering if I could do a project and not use stickles???)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tacky Tuesday Challenge

Here is a card Em and I made for the Tacky Tuesday Challenge... Emily helped me whenever I needed another hand as I am still just using my left hand... right hand still is so swollen and sore ... nerve damage?? torn tendon?? It better get better soon as this is really affecting my scrapbooking not to mention work....

I used CTMH blue gingham.. some shiny silver paper from Up The Street.. stickles of course (my favs) I used black to matt the cow but looking at it now should have used the blue...

the shiny paper cut really good in my cricut!!! hope you enjoy!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Festive Blog Hop #7

Hi ladies... Here we are again at the Festive Blog Hop.... and I am still challenging you to make a Christmas card too......If you came here from you came from the right place. If you just happened onto my blog go to to start the blog hop from the beginning.... My card is from Cricut Cartridge Christmas Cards... I have decided to make this months cards from this cart.... It was very simple and that was necessary as I am still only using my left hand.

It is the Branch card. I cut the card at 5 1/2 and all the layers the same, only the first layer I cut at 5" so you could see the base. I used all CTMH paper....and of course my cuttlebug folders.....

I watched the videos mzbabygirl21 on youtube just to see if there was any tips for this cartridge.You have to check out her blog and check out her giveaway!

Here is the blog line up just in case you got lost.....


Chris Hurley-

Cheryl Lindsay-

Laura Davidson-

Amanda Marks-

Debbie Buckland-

Brenda Lee Burfeind-

Angela Bodas-


Becky Conley-


Debbie Feist-

Remember girls.... I challenge you to make at least one Christmas Card with me!!!!!!

Go to facebook and go to the Christmas Cards Challenge (Festive Blog Hop) and post your cards.. if you need an invite or whatever just post on my blog or on facebook..... Can't wait to see your cards.. Come on Annie pull out that Christmas Cards Cartridge!!! Michelle F. this means you too.... and a thank you to Christina K. who did a card with us two weeks ago and posted it on facebook!!! 1 less card to do!!

Now head over to Amanda's blog , Who are you calling Crafty? to see her fabulous project!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Festive Blog Hop time again!!!!

I am making my Christmas card for the blog hop... it will be very simple as I am still only using my left hand .. my right hand is still out of commission.... I have it designed I just need my DD Emily to help me put it together.... Come on ladies.. lets get these Christmas cards done!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Double page layout for Cricut card exchange

here is the 2 page layout I did for cricut card exchange.. took 2 weeks and only my left hand but I did it....